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Thursday, January 22, 2015

A New Year

Well, business first. Poor Boris was defective. Without going into details, he wasn't up to the the task to which he was appointed. His previous owner had guaranteed his performance. So, on New Year's Eve Clint and I drove Boris back to the farm his was born on in Iowa. When we headed back to Colorado on the first day of the new year, we had four hogs. Two gilts were for other farmers, and we delivered them to their new owners in Kersey, Colorado. We returned to Hill Top Farm with a bred purebred Yorkshire gilt we call Pinky, and a new boar we call Hank.



Hank meeting the girls

We straggled arduously getting our shed built. Getting the supplier to be honest was like pulling teeth.  We aren't finished dealing with it yet. However, the shed is built, and we have gotten the concrete pad poured inside the shed, and the approach outside. We've put some equipment inside, and worked on a couple of projects. 

Here's the shed progression:

Cody's gilt: Rosie

Codys' Chicken Coop: